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From hand sanitizers in restrooms to fall protection at building sites, it is essential that all workers feel safe.Sometimes workers need protection from themselves or their colleagues, as substance abuse can tear apart a workforce.

Controlling the human factor

Growth rates, sales figures, market trends, SEO strategies, etc. are all variables that entrepreneurs can control to a certain extent.However, human resources are trickier to manage, since people are unpredictable and you can effectively “control” their behaviour.

You can place a safety net but you cannot force a worker to wear a hard helmet. In this sense, the employee of the months can turn into an accident waiting to happen overnight.Individuals who become careless, irresponsible, or refuse to learn and improve could be under the influence of a drug.

What is considered a drug?

The Australian are comprised of federal, state, and territorial legislation that all define what an illicit drug is.For instance, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and over-the-counter medicines are perfectly legal, while illegal drugs are amphetamines, heroin, MDMA, marijuana, etc.

These substances are banned because of the health risk they pose to addicts and their immediate surroundings, i.e.the workplace. Speaking of the office, workers abuse a whole range of illicit drugs, but alcohol abuse and cannabis seem to raise the greatest concern.

What can go wrong after a couple of drinks?

The reason why substance abuse is a topical and a major safety issue is the clear correlation between substance abuse and workplace accidents.When a worker is inebriated or they have ingested strong medication, their capacity to think rationally is seriously decreased.

If they have a desk job, then you can send them home but if they are operators of heavy machinery, then everyone working alongside them are at increased risk of injury.People under the influence of drugs are drowsy, slow to react, and unable to communicate clearly.

In most cases, it is easy to spot a worker who is tipsy but prolonged substance abuse is harder to detect, so reliable and regular drug testing is needed.

How to approach drug testing at work?

Drug tests are highly controversial among workers, as they deem them unfair.

That's why drug tests shouldn't be performed randomly, at the whim of the HR department. One solution is to in the regular physical examination when they become yet another routine test. Workers will feel more at ease when all tests are performed on everyone.

The second solution is to test only the employees who have a record or troublesome behaviour, which gives you reasonable doubt to test them. Before doing so, you should get a consensus from the staff that a drug test is necessary.

This way, you will prevent potential lawsuits from individuals who think they are being unreasonable targeted.When testing, give the testee a notice up to two days in advance. Finally, ensure that you are the one paying for the test and the workers' medical insurance covers the cost of regular and irregular drug tests.

Avoiding legal liabilities

We've mentioned earlier that it would be disastrous for a worker operating heavy machinery to arrive at work drunk or under the influence of crystal methamphetamine.If his/her intoxication results in an injury or death of another person (a fellow worker or a passerby), the company is liable for the damage, according to Australian laws.

Furthermore, you need mandatory insurance to run a business, as if workplace accidents are common, then expect to pay higher insurance premiums.In some cases, banks will refuse to give you loans until you sort out the unsafe work environment.

Unless you wish to cough up large sums of money after being sued for negligence, you need to shield the workforce from irresponsible individuals who use various kinds of drugs.From smoking pot to heavy drinking; there isn't a recreational drug that will save you from a lawsuit.

What good is a drug test?

As you have seen, drug tests are real hustle from the humane, medical, and legal aspects. Luckily, the benefits of drug testing at work far exceed the hassle you go through.Drug tests have a deterring effect on employees to lay off drugs because they know that they will be tested sooner or later and could lose money and even their job if tested positive.

Another benefit is increased productivity since you know that all workers are focused on the tasks ahead.Adding drug tests to annual physical examinations reduces the number of in the long, as the “human factor” becomes easier to track; if not control.

Where to take the test?

The usual place testing is carried out is inside mobile drug testing labs.These labs on wheels come to your company, where tests are carried out immediately. Another option is to collect samples at the office and then take them to a certified lab Psychedelics For Ptsd analysis.

Finally, you can send workers to be screened at a medical facility.Such in-house testing is the best option since the testing conditions are controlled, so no contamination can occur. Furthermore, there are privacy screens that ensure testing is done discretely.

The Australian workspace is getting safer by the day and strict drug policies are to thank for.There are many substances workers can abuse, Lsd Blotter Art For Ibogaine Sale from alcohol to cannabis, so it is essential to test them at least once a year to detect banned drugs in their blood.

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