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Malik is an experienced Imam and will perform Nikah (Muslim Marriage) of the couple in complete compliance with the Sharia law and Sunnah of the Prophet (P.B.U.H), and in complete confidence. Makkah Walmadinah Nikah Service is registered in U.K. There is a booking fee of £27.00 to book your Nikah (For Nikah ceremonies in the Mosque). Please note that there is an additional fee of £10.00 for weekend ceremonies. For Muslim Marriage ceremonies in hotel, hall, restaurant OR at your house / flat, Imam’s Nikah service fees are higher than the above fees (£127 to £157). We can provide you our Imam’s fees for house Nikah ceremonies, if you tell us for the full address of your house/flat, hall or restaurant with it’s full post code. Please note that there will be a 50% deposit fee for Nikah Ceremonies in your house/flat, hall, restaurant, hotel or any other venue. Couples who have difficulty in finding Wali and/or witnesses please let us know we can provide them. There is also a reduced fee for the couples who cannot afford full fee. It includes the issuing of Muslim Marriage Certificate (ie. Our Imam, Dr. Malik will come to your house, a hall, a hotel or any other venue you choose and will perform the Nikah. You can book Dr. Malik to perform your Nikah (Muslim Marriage) and he will provide you with a Nikah Certificate (Muslim Marriage Certificate). Once you have booked an appointment for Nikah (Muslim Marriage), you will receive a letter of confirmation from our Nikah Service.

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