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The ministry of the Catholic Singles Dating Hub has been created in the Penang Diocese as a means for Catholic singles to meet, socialise and find true love in a setting with very Catholic values. “The response to the Catholic Dating Hub has been very encouraging”, says Theresa Wan the secretary of the committee. A total of 31 females and 20 males had registered for the Weekend. Participants were from the Penang Diocese, Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese and Malacca Johore Diocese. Two participants on holiday from USA and Australia also joined the Dating Hub weekend. There is a screening process for the singles before they are invited for the weekend. Deacon Lazarus Jonathan, the Chairperson of the organising committee, explained that there were many requests from single parishioners from the Penang Diocese for a venue to meet like-minded singles as they found difficulty in finding a Catholic partner for marriage in their workplace or community. Data was c​re ated ​wi᠎th the help of G SA Con​tent Genera tor  DEMO .

The sole aim of the Catholic Dating Hub will be to provide them this service with Deacon Lazarus and the eight Catholic chaperones guiding the participants along the way. The Church can respond to the needs and concerns of these single Catholics in meeting, dating and the vocation of marriage. Fr Edmund Woon, the former Head of the Penang Diocesan Family Life Ministry, says that the Catholic Dating Hub will provide an opportunity for the participants to assess their relationships, grow spiritually from the seed that the Church has instilled and to date in a positive environment within the Church. The vocation of marriage will be the ultimate aim of the ministry. All who registered were ensured of the privacy and confidentiality of their participation. At the dating hub weekend, there were social activities, games, religious inspired talks, together with a BBQ session organised by the participants themselves. The first weekend Catholic Singles Dating Hub was so successful that most of the participants requested for another such weekend, and they also promised to bring other interested Catholics. Many of the participants got along well with each other and said it was a weekend well spent, where they met wonderful people, enjoyed themselves and committed themselves to come again if there was another such weekend.

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